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Pioneers in Integrative Medicine, Infinity Medical Institute is a company dedicated to bench marking health in concert with breakthroughs in education through science. Understanding where individuals are in their “Life Cycle” as opposed to treating symptoms that are often an expression of a greater challenge they are experiencing with their bodies at the cellular level. A new approach in health and wellness based on recently made available research, allowing us to understand the differences in Biological Age as compared to Chronological Age.

Most of us fail to realize that our personal health is the result of the “aging process” complimented and/or penalized by the manner in which we take care of and/or misuse ourselves. Our consumption patterns combined with normal aging and physical activities directly affect our quality of life.

Our approach to wellness is based on meeting people where they are in their personal life and developing an individualized plan of action in and around nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle.



“Quality of Life” is the essence of everything we do at IMI. With life expectancies extending longer and longer we hold the key to helping individuals prolong their quality of life indefinitely.

Living, not just existing, is what IMI offers to each and every individual. Life is about experiencing the people, activities and pleasures that mean the most to us. Our life passions are what drive us and give our lives meaning and as we age we should be able to engage and enjoy these passions without limitations.

At IMI we do not take a one size fits all approach with our patients. We identify each individual’s needs and desires and medically customize our therapies to assist the individual in obtaining the quality of life they seek. Not only are we interested in adding years to you life but “adding life to your years…”


Kat & Mike Montemurro

Kat and Mike Montemurro
Co-Founder and Founder/Visionary of Infinity Medical Institute In Tampa Florida
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Kat Montemurro co-founded Infinity Medical Institute in 2009 to provide optimal health and longevity oriented services, therapies and products for the Tampa Bay metro area.  Her diverse health and beauty background includes experience in the aesthetics, therapeutic and medical cosmetic arenas.  Kat’s passion for beauty and style transcends to her ability to assist Infinity’s patients in both feeling great and looking amazing. Outside of Infinity Medical Institute, Kat enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, facilitating Christian youth mentoring programs, fitness training and outdoor activities.

Mike Montemurro is the founder and the visionary behind Infinity Medical Institute’s optimal health concept.  His relentless quest to identify and implement, result proven, “Quality of Life” improvement therapies to make patients feel younger, stronger and sexier. Mike’s passion is to assist Infinity’s patients to succeed in meeting their personal health, fitness, appearance and wellness goals, even where other providers have failed them.  In 2009, Infinity Medical Institute opened their doors as the first hormone therapy clinic in Tampa. Today, Infinity has grown from treating its first patient to successfully providing over 50,000 treatments. When not at Infinity Medical Institute, Mike enjoys spending time with his family, golfing and fitness.

Over the years Mike and Kat have had an amazing experience with Infinity Medical Institute.  Their goal was to establish Tampa Bay’s premier health and wellness clinic while providing personalized care in a family type environment.  The true rewards for Mike and Kat have been the creation of long lasting and genuine relationships with their patients.  They have had the distinct honor of helping their patients both individually and as couples. Through their exclusive therapies, Infinity has been able to restore marriages and relationships, recenter struggling individuals and provide overall wellness and beauty to its highly valued patients. Many patients have experienced amazing, permanent “Quality of Life” improvement both physically and intimately. Through their determination and integrity they have empowered their patients to achieve their personal and wellness goals.

Sherice Reddick, ARNP

Sherice is a family nurse practitioner who specializes in Aesthetics, PDO threads, PRP treatment, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Pulsewave treatment for erectile dysfunction,  Neuropathy, and musculoskeletal therapy, trigger point injections, joint injections, CO2 Laser treatment. She provides comprehensive care to patients of all ages. She performs in-office assessments, minimally invasive procedures and medication management. She is currently employed at Infinity Medical Institute. She completed her Bachelors and Master’s Degree at South University in Tampa, Florida. She holds national board certifications with the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) as a family nurse practitioner. Sherice is dedicated to provide compassionate care to all of her patients by optimizing their health and assisting them in feeling like their best selves.

Heidi Hurter, ARNP

Heidi is a native to Florida and has one child, she is an energetic NP with 9 years of hands-on experience and specializes in bioidentical hormone therapy, and Regenerative Medicine. Heidi has a Master of Science in Nursing with her Nurse Practitioner License; she has training in IPL lasers, PDO threads weight loss, PRP (for hair, skin, joint & tissue), Pulsewave treatment for erectile dysfunction, Neuropathy, and musculoskeletal therapy, trigger point injections, joint injections, CO2 Laser treatment and aesthetics. Fun fact, Heidi is an avid fan of all animals, loves to cycle, and cook.

Griselly Santiago (Gigi), MA

Gigi is originally from Puerto Rico and has lived in Tampa for 23 years. She has one child and loves to take long walks with her family and loves chocolates. Gigi is a certified phlebotomy technician and has been a Medical Assistant for 23 years and has worked extensively with patient care with an upbeat and positive energy.

Angely Lonh, AA

Angely is a native to Florida and continued her academic studies in Tampa, she has her Bachelors in Biology with a concentration in Biomedical Science and her Masters in Medical Science. Angely is our Administrative Assistant for Infinity Medical Institute and also the Patient Care Coordinator for our Medical Director, Dr. Moffitt. In her free time she enjoys working out, cooking, and spending time with her dog.

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