5 Common Factors Causing Lack of Sex Drive in Men and Women

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Sex drive, also called libido, refers to a person’s desire to engage or participate in sexual activity. Although more common in males, the lack of it corresponds to the condition called erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, a low libido makes people less interested in having sex—a condition that can affect relationships in the long run.

Although typical and needed, engaging in sex can become difficult for some. Sexual desires can become sensitive depending on the environment and context. Therefore, for some men and women, some factors can affect or influence their sex drive. What are the common factors causing a lack of sex drive in men and women?

1. Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol are common factors that make men and women less interested in having sex. It does not mean that they wouldn’t want to get intimate, but the chemicals of nicotine and alcohol can shut off their sex drive.

Society often associates drinking alcohol with having unprotected sex. The belief stems from the lowering of inhibitions that comes with the consumption of alcohol that can make people do things that they would not do when they were sober. Meanwhile, smoking and smoking products can also lower a person’s desire to have sex.

2. Stress

Stress is undoubtedly a killer. Research has shown that severe stress can have a strong, negative impact on your sex drive. You may have experienced a stressful day at work, and when you get home, the last thing you want to do is have sex with your partner. When at home, there are more chances that you will want to hit the sack and sleep the stress off instead of interacting with people.

3. Age

One of the most common factors affecting sex drive is age. Typically, sex drive tends to lower with age, especially true for women and women over the age of 50. Men, on the other hand, experience a decrease in sex drive during their early 60s. However, people’s age does not imply that aging affects a person’s physical ability to engage in sex.

4. Medical Conditions

Other factors that may cause a lack of sex drive are medical conditions. One of these conditions is hypothyroid, which is a common medical condition that affects the thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism, also known as underactive thyroid, can make your body gain weight, thus lowering your sex drive.

On the other hand, being healthy does not only mean that you are physically fit. It also means that you are mentally and physically sound. A person fighting illness, pain, chronic disease, or undergoing treatment for a condition can experience a decrease in sex drive.

5. Relationship

Being in a relationship may often mean spending most of your time with your partner, and people can feel sexually frustrated. When you are in a relationship, you are more likely to want sex than when you are single. However, when the connection is not entirely satisfying or in a long-term relationship, your sex drive can also become lower.


A low sex drive can affect your everyday life, leading to a lack of intimacy and poor sex life. Although no guaranteed cure will instantly increase your sex drive, it is essential to be mindful of your health and lifestyle. Next time you are not in the mood to have sex, remember the causes behind it. If you are not sure what to do to overcome it, ask your doctor or seek help from a professional.

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