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Spartan Medical Sports Performance and Recovery Division

Spartan Medical Sports Performance and Recovery Division, powered by Infinity, targets athletes of all ages. Spartan offers medically supervised options for athletes to allow them to elevate their game in a safe, fast and effective manner.

We currently have a patient base and referral platform of professional and amature athletes, fitness personnel, professional trainers, coaches and physicians and general fitness minded individuals looking for ways to gain or maintain an edge over their competition.

Spartan’s innovative Sports Performance and Recovery division focuses on customized therapies to fit the needs of every athlete.

Our programs offer the following benefits:

The therapies offered at Spartan Medical leave limitless options for our athletes to achieve their optimal performance goals. We never take a one size fits all approach with our athletes.  We address each individual’s specific goals and customize their therapy program to ensure they achieve their desired outcome.

Whether it be gaining additional muscle size, sculpting a more chiseled body and improving muscle definition, lowering body fat percentage or repairing muscle and tendon tears, we have an expansive catalogue of proven medically supervised treatments and therapies to assist our athletes in meeting their goals quickly and safely.

At Spartan, our mantra is “No Retreat – No Surrender” which clearly resonates with our high performance athletes and patients!  We have witnessed our athletes of all ages and gender achieve new personal goals, win multiple and diverse competitions and break personal and class records.

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