Help! I Look Old! Your Guide to Know What Causes Wrinkles


As we grow older, we may begin to notice some changes in our faces. One of the most horrendous changes that we may all worry about are wrinkles and the drooping of our skin. No matter how beautiful a person is and what kind of treatment they use, eventually, wrinkles and sagging will form.

As most people have seen others of older age with sagging skin and wrinkles, we stop wondering why they exist, but panic as to how to prevent them. However, one way to help prevent them is to understand what causes them in the first place.

In this article, we talk about the different causes of wrinkles and sagging skin on our faces.

Am I Too Young to Have Wrinkles?

Well, yes and no. While one of the main culprits that cause wrinkles is age, there could still be a number of other reasons why. Sometimes it could be our lifestyle, how we treat our skin, our diet, and even just the hormones we have.

While you should normally start to have wrinkles at an older age, it can happen earlier. However, this is not unnatural and it is completely normal.

What Causes Wrinkles and Sagging Skin?

As mentioned above, age is the prime suspect that causes wrinkles and the sagging of the skin. As we grow older, there is a change in hormones in our bodies. There are specific hormones responsible for the elasticity of our skin, which degrades as we age.

However, aside from age, there are other different reasons why we get wrinkles on our skin. One is constant exposure to the sun and its UV rays. Other reasons could be just a bad overall lifestyle and an unhealthy diet.

Then, there are also cases wherein it is because of the repeated movement of some facial muscles, setting the lines into our skins. The sides of our mouth are most likely to have wrinkles due to us smiling and frowning a lot. The same goes with our forehead, the eye bags, and even the bridges of our noses.

Lastly, there may be a problem with your body’s way of producing hormones. Hormonal problems can also be a major issue, so if you suspect that that is the case, you will need to get checked.

How to Avoid and Remove Wrinkles and Sagging Skin?

If you are worried about wrinkles and sagging skin, there are ways to avoid or lessen them. You will need to constantly protect your skin from the sun and other stressors. You should also switch to a much healthier diet and lifestyle to help you with it.

However, these will only prevent future wrinkling and sagging and may not rid you of the old ones. There are also ways to get rid of the wrinkling and sagging, but they will involve cosmetic surgery.

One of the best ways is to get face fillers, which can easily relax muscles on the face and return to its shape. Another option would be to have hormone replacement therapy if it is prescribed and advised by professionals.


Wrinkling and sagging of our skin are natural phenomena. However, that does not mean we should just let it be, especially if it makes us lose confidence in ourselves. There is no shame in trying to look good to help yourself feel better. If you hate your wrinkles and skin sagging, you may try the suggested resolutions we’ve mentioned or see a professional for further consultation.

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