Brotox: 5 Reasons Why Men Should Get Botox Treatments Done


Botox is not only for women. In an article published by Allure in 2017, the magazine wrote about how some men may pay more than twice as women do in botox procedures. Since men’s facial muscles are stronger than women’s, they require a higher drug dose to get the desired chiseled look.

Throughout history, men have been seen as figures of strength and invulnerability. However, botox is something most of them use to maintain their edge. Botox is a more popular face filler for women, but men who are fond of taking care of their skin have used the same treatments to eliminate the common signs of aging.

Why Do Men Get Brotox?

Similar to women, men produce smile lines but also prefer a more natural and unblunted expression. Since aging is inevitable, it’s vital to perform treatments that do not alter someone’s look but only maintain their youthful appearance. Through botox, men can also reduce the creases on their faces and the corners of their mouths.

However, the difference between men’s botox and women’s botox is on the drug’s dosage itself. Botox is a drug-dependent drug—it adjusts according to the muscle mass and metabolism of the patient. For men, both factors are far off from women’s, which is why men would need more doses of the drug. But why should men get botox treatments done? Here are some answers.

1. Natural Results

Most people think that getting botox on their face will make them look “worked on”.” However, it isn’t true, especially for men. For over 20 years, botox has been one of the most popular face fillers in the world. It is safe and provides more functionality than other anti-aging drugs on the market.

Over time, doctors have found new sites where to inject botox on the face to ensure that the drug will not disrupt the face’s natural features. In effect, the procedure produces a natural-looking effect that most people wouldn’t even notice.

2. Minimal Downtime

Since most men are the head of their families, a few days of downtime is not in their vocabulary. Therefore, getting botox might be the best option they have in terms of procedures effective for hiding away signs of aging on the skin.

Most botox procedures do not require a major recovery period—some are even done in a doctor’s office during lunch break. Although major side effects such as flu-like symptoms are rare, men should expect redness, swelling, and occasional bruising on the areas affected.

3. Cures Migraine

In 2010, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Botox as a treatment for chronic migraines. The drug is also effective for neck spasms and excessive sweating—good for sweaty underarms and palms. Doctors believe that Botox prevents neurotransmitters from sending pain signals to the brain, relieving headaches.

However, only registered neurologists can administer Botox as a treatment for chronic migraines. No cosmetic dermatologist should use the drug aside from beauty enhancement procedures as their line of work does not equate to a neurologist’s. But for those using Botox for aesthetic reasons, a regular cosmetic dermatologist can administer the drug in their clinic anytime.


Botox is for everybody. But it’s up to men and women if they’re up for a few jabs to improve their skin condition and overall self-confidence. Outdated gender norms and practices shouldn’t influence a person’s desires to look good and feel good about themselves.

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