Skin laxity

Skin laxity is a term used to describe the noticeable looseness that can occur all over our bodies as we age. We typically start to see signs of looser, sagging skin beginning in our early thirties. Genetics plays a part however there are many other contributing factors to our skin heading downward. Diet, our environment, stress, smoking, sun exposure, fluctuations in weight and poor sleep patterns all take their toll and cause us to lose precious collagen and elastin in our skin.

Collagen and elastin are proteins that work together to form the binding fibers of our skin. These bers provide us with a web-like support making up over 80% of the outer layer of skin (the dermis).

Collagen gives our skin its firmness while elastin gives flexibility and helps the skin bounce back. Our bodies naturally produce both proteins but as we age, we produce less and less. Other factors are at war with our skin as well and with the skin laxity.


Until cosmetic threads, the only real solution for loose skin was an invasive surgical procedure. The traditional face-lift can be transforming to the appearance but with it comes extended healing time, risks and higher treatment cost. Historically, these factors have made the traditional face-lift unavailable as a cosmetic option for most.

There are other less invasive modalities such as lasers or dermal fillers. Both can be great options for smaller areas where no lines and wrinkles are the only concern. For larger areas and to truly solve the problem of skin laxity anywhere, you need one thing, lift.

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During a PDO Nova Threads Thread Treatment, a trained, licensed practitioner will place thin threads under the skin through tiny needle sites made in targeted areas. The loose skin is not removed, it is pulled back using the thread ends and then tiny sub-dermal, non-visible stitches are made to secure the lift. To produce lift we use cosmetic threads with ‘strategic split ends’ that gently grab a hold of tissue as they are pulled taunt. This slight suspension tightens up the treatment area and restores that youthful look.

PDO Nova Threads Cosmetic Threads can help reduce the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs, smooth out the décolleté, provide slight lift to the breasts and knees, minimize sagging on the upper arms (batwings), chin and neck, and reduce the appearance of nasal-facial folds and marionette lines. PDO Nova Threads Cosmetic Threads dissolve completely leaving behind new, healthy collagen in their place. The boost in collagen gives each treatment area a “reset” on the normal aging process.

Patients remain fully conscious during the procedure and can see the results as the practitioner works making for the unique experience of being able to approve of your own look while the treatment is still in process.


Collagen is a key element in keeping our skin plump, firm and thick. The thicker the skin, the more defense it has against the tug of gravity. Since we are not producing as much collagen as we age, our skin thins out, gravity takes is toll and the sagging begins. When cosmetic threads are placed, the body thinks it needs to heal the area so it jump-starts the “healing response” and begins the natural production of collagen in that area. The increase of collagen means firmer, smoother, thicker more voluminous skin. Increases collagen supply also provides additional hydration to the skin which also adds volume smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles as it “fills up” with vital nutrients.

PDO Nova Threads Threads are hidden within the skin, avoiding scarring. There is minimal discomfort for a few days following but you’re able to return to your normal routine after leaving our office.

Insist on PDO Nova Threads Cosmetic Threads

PDO Nova Threads Cosmetic Threads offers the most extensive selection of any other thread company in the industry. We spend extensive time training and providing support to each cosmetic provider so by choosing a PDO Nova Threads Cosmetic Thread procedure your new look is in the hands of the best!

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Skin laxity is a term used to describe the noticeable looseness that can occur all over our bodies as we age. We typically start to see signs of looser, sagging skin beginning in our early thirties.

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