3 Common Questions About the Effects of Testosterone Therapy


Testosterone therapy for men and women can be quite the procedure that will help you fulfill a variety of goals. Male hormones offer quite a number of benefits, such as weight loss and a significant impact on your physical and mental health. Hand in hand with a better workout routine and diet, plenty can see quite an improvement in their well-being.

However, like any medical treatment, there’s bound to be several questions about the effects of testosterone therapy and when a patient will likely experience them. Here’s what you should know about how testosterone therapy affects your health:

How Long Before The Effects of Testosterone Therapy Show Up?

Testosterone therapy may take effect at a longer time depending on the level of testosterone that your body currently has and how it eventually reacts to it. Any person running low on testosterone will have various symptoms that will eventually fade due to the treatment.

For example, any bad moods and the lack of energy that occur due to low testosterone levels will eventually stabilize and become better in the long run. Some people may experience it while starting testosterone treatment, while others only notice the effects in further sessions. 

What Are the Short-Term Effects of Testosterone Therapy?

Certain effects of testosterone therapy can already show up early on, and it’s best to be aware of them so that you aren’t overwhelmed. Most of these benefits may continue to show even after the months of testosterone replacement. Here are some specifics that you can look forward to after a month or two into the treatment:

  • Higher Energy. Lower testosterone levels are usually associated with equally low energy and fatigue. However, getting more testosterone through the treatment can make quite an impact on one’s overall physical capabilities and stamina.
  • Improved Mood. Depression and bad mood swings occur due to a lack of testosterone, but many people find that their mood becomes better after testosterone therapy. Within a month of the treatment, men and women feel much more optimistic and level-headed.
  • Insulin Boost. Patients who undergo testosterone therapy while having an existing diagnosis of being diabetic or pre-diabetic get improved insulin sensitivity. Those who continue on with the sessions may even have better blood sugar control in the long run.

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Testosterone Therapy?

As there are short-term effects, there are also long-term effects that come as a result of testosterone therapy. These usually come at the end of the treatment, which is why it’s encouraged to go through all of the sessions rather than fall off schedule. Here are the benefits that await you after completing testosterone therapy:

  • Bone Density. Those who finish testosterone therapy will have a better bone structure overall. Maximize this effect through exercises that aim to work on your bone strength even more.
  • Body Composition. Testosterone therapy may change the composition and appearance of your body, with most people noting weight loss at the end of treatment. Many patients see an evident increase in muscle and decrease in fat.
  • Increased Libido. Low testosterone usually results in a low libido with bad performance in bed, but getting testosterone replacements can rectify that. The treatment will get you in the mood much more frequently while improving erections.


Testosterone therapy can have a variety of effects that can be advantageous to the person undergoing the treatment. Some may feel certain benefits early on in the treatment, while others will experience it in the later months of getting testosterone replacements. 

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