4 Reasons To Think Twice Before Opting for Testosterone for ED

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While some men run into issues once in a while trying to get erect, some men legitimately have erectile dysfunction (ED). This problem causes many men to have difficulty maintaining their erection, let alone get firm enough to have sex. Unfortunately, the damage that ED causes to men isn’t only limited to their sexual life. It also affects their self-confidence, as not being able to satisfy themselves nor their partner can seriously eat away at their pride.

If you’re dealing with ED, chances are you’ve come across a treatment that utilizes testosterone to cure the issue. It is true that as men go past the age of 50, their testosterone levels drop, and ED becomes more common. However, you might want to think twice before opting for the treatment. Here’s why:

1. It Is Expensive

No matter the type of testosterone treatment, whether a gel, a patch, or even an injection, the treatment can be pricy. With hundreds of dollars spent each month, one can easily hit thousands of dollars spent on the treatment itself. Unfortunately, the news gets a little worse. Many men who rely on testosterone treatment will have to use the treatment indefinitely to maintain its effects. This means that the hundreds of dollars spent each month will be something that will be done as long as they want to go through with the treatment.

2. ED Has Many Causes

The lack of testosterone isn’t the only cause of ED. The leading cause of ED is the lack of enough blood flow to the penis, and this causes the penis to be unable to firm up. This issue is generally the result of other problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other blood flow problems. The only real symptom that shows that testosterone is the cause of ED is if the desire for sex drops. However, it is rarely testosterone itself, or the lack thereof, that causes ED.

3. There Are Many Risks Involved

There are many risks involved with testosterone treatment. One example includes the body retaining a little too much fluid. Other issues also include acne, enlarged prostate, and bigger breasts, along with heightened sleep apnea symptoms, lower fertility, and the like. The FDA also concluded that the risk of cardiovascular problems increasing with testosterone treatment is also a possibility. 

4. The Treatment Isn’t Always Effective

If an individual has normal testosterone levels, to begin with, the treatment will not do much in terms of addressing ED. Only those with lower testosterone levels will show signs of improvement.


From this article alone, it might seem like testosterone treatments are a big no when treating your ED issue. However, we’re not saying that such treatment will not work at all. In some cases, it does help the patients. What we recommend for you to do is to reach out to your doctor for assistance. Talk to your doctor about your concerns, and they will examine you to see what the possible cause of your ED is. If it is found that the reason is not related to testosterone levels, you’ve just avoided wasting your time on the testosterone levels. However, if it is found that you are low on testosterone levels, now you know to opt for the treatment to treat your ED!

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