What You Can Do about Saggy Skin and Remedies You Can Try


Sagging skin is a common side effect of dieting and exercise, and it affects different areas of the body to various extents. For example, fat loss on the face and torso often causes sagging skin.

While sagging skin may be tough to address at home, skin-tightening treatments are available that range from over-the-counter medications to surgical procedures to help tighten skin. However, these methods need to determine the source before the right solution can be applied.

Top 3 Reasons for Saggy Skin 

Besides fat loss, collagen and elastin degradation in the dermis is another cause of sagging skin. Additionally, Those who have recently lost a lot of weight are also more susceptible. Ailments may also be to fault. However, the most prevalent cause of sagging skin is aging.

Here are the top reasons why your skin is turning saggy: 

1. Aging and Weight Loss

When you lose weight, it’s pretty standard for your skin to look saggy and for your skin to crease. Other than weight loss, skin also loses elasticity as it ages which results in loss of collagen and elastin that promotes firmness and elasticity.

Because the skin is one of the largest organs in the body, it’s responsible for detoxification, hydration, and immune system support. When the skin loses elasticity, it becomes more susceptible to infections and injury. 

The skin is so crucial to general health that persons who have never experienced skin issues may fight infections better than those who do.

2. Medications

Certain medications can cause your skin to lose elasticity and become saggy. Such medications may include chemotherapy, high blood pressure medications, and hormone therapy. As a result of these treatments, your skin can appear depleted, wrinkled, sallow, and dull.

3. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes can occur in both men and women, and this is especially true during pregnancy.

When the skin is loose and saggy, it may pull up over your ears, and this can result in a condition known as batwing ears. Batwings happens because the skin loses elasticity and becomes loose. Still, you can reduce the appearance of batwings by doing regular skincare and skin-tightening routines.

Top 3 Remedies for Saggy Skin You Can Try

Some of the situations above, like aging and medical treatments, are unavoidable. Thankfully, the side effect of compromising your skin’s elasticity can be remedied in various ways.

Here are three solutions you can try to address your sagging skin issues:

1. Topical Solution

If you want to get rid of drooping skin without surgery, seek a topical treatment that may lessen fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing and tightening your skin. Prescription retinoids like retinol is one of the most powerful treatments for saggy skin and is often used in many anti-aging products.

The biggest danger from using Retinol is an allergic reaction that may affect your skin, eyes, and mouth. That’s why it’s recommended that you start to use Retinol slowly and in small quantities so your body can adjust.

Always use a retinol product that the Food and Drug Administration has approved. Call your doctor in case of severe reaction while using a retinol product.

2. Dietary Changes and Hydration

Eating a healthy and balanced diet can boost your health and help you look younger. The foods you eat can affect all aspects of your health and skin. Fat, for example, is essential for healthy skin. Eating a diet that contains the right amount of fat can help your skin look more youthful and radiant. Moreover, processed meals are bad for your skin, so avoid them.

3. Exercise

Exercises that focus on your core and muscles can help you tone your muscles and tighten loose skin. Try Pilates, which has a low impact on the joints and increases muscle tone and endurance. Also, some resistance training can be especially good for tightening the skin.


When you have saggy skin, it’s crucial to find the right solution, but remember to keep your expectations realistic. While it may be inviting to look for a quick fix, the best way to improve your skin is to take your time. Test out different products and remedies until you find the products that work best for you.

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