Sexual Dysfunction in Women: What You Need to Know

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The textbook definition of this medical term is when a person experiences the inability to feel pleasure during sexual activity. Sexual dysfunction may happen to both sexes, but this blog post will focus on what happens to females who have it. The causes may range from physical to psychological problems. If you feel a decline in your sex life, you may be wondering if you have sexual dysfunction. Read on to find out the specifics that surround this condition, the symptoms to look out for, and possible treatment methods.

Sexual Dysfunction in Women: What You Need to Know

Sexual dysfunction may happen to an individual or couple. This refers to any problem that disrupts the normal sexual response cycle. The four main parts of this cycle are motivation or desire, arousal, orgasm, and resolution. A person who has sexual dysfunction will not feel satisfied and may not offer the normal response. 

Types of Sexual Dysfunction

There are four main types of sexual dysfunction. All of these make it difficult for a person to enjoy sexual activities as they normally would.

1 – Anorgasmia

This refers to an orgasmic disorder. A person who experiences this will not be able to come to a climax during sex.

2 – Dyspareunia

The simplest explanation to explain this type of sexual dysfunction is that the person feels pain during sexual activities. 

3 – Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

This disorder refers to low libido or an extreme lack of sexual desire. 

4 – Sexual Arousal Disorder

As its name implies, a person with this disorder will have extreme difficulty getting aroused.

Possible Causes

There are many causes that may contribute toward sexual dysfunction in women. Blood flow disorders may prevent blood from getting to the vagina or clitoris, inhibiting those crucial parts of the female body to feel pleasure. Gynecologic issues may affect the female reproductive system, making it painful to have sex. Hormonal imbalances may also cause vaginal dryness and atrophy, making it difficult for a woman to enjoy sex.


The good news is that there are treatment methods to help with sexual dysfunction in women. You will find a list of some of the common treatment methods below. 

1 – Arousal techniques

This type of solution may be done between partners. The woman should talk to their partner about what arouses them, they can try new things and read erotic novels to bring more spice to the bedroom.

2 – Counseling

Talking to a health professional may help a woman get over the emotional or psychological barriers to having pleasurable sex. These professionals will offer their insight as to why the dysfunction is happening and how to solve the problem.

3 – Hormone therapy

Depending on the symptoms a woman has, the medical professional may prescribe creams, vaginally administered medications, or other types of hormones to be taken orally to help get rid of the problem. 


The first step to obtaining help for sexual dysfunction is getting a proper diagnosis. Seeing a medical professional and describing how you feel to them will make all the difference. 

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